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Fundraising for the Visual Arts Workshop
Public Galleries Association of Victoria
Date: Wednesday 7 June 2017, 9:30am - 4:30pm 
Venue: Koorie Heritage Trust, Level 3 - Yarra Building, Federation Square


Following the success of our event on fundraising held last year, the PGAV is again partnering with Creative Partnerships Australia to deliver a one-day workshop on fundraising specifically for visual arts organisations. 

Fundraising for the Visual Arts Workshop will provide the essentials of fundraising for small to medium galleries. You will learn what motivates donors, the ins and outs of fundraising events, together with best practice examples of fundraising at public galleries.


 This is event is relevant for:

  • Gallery Directors
  • Gallery Advisory Committees / Foundations / Boards
  • Business Development / Fundraising staff
  • Curators
  • Marketing staff


Topics covered:

  • Fundraising 101’s
  • Making your gallery “Donation Ready”
  • Donor Databases
  • Viewpoint of the donor
  • Fundraising Events
  • Fundraising Programs


Presenters include:

  • Lisa Hamilton, Philanthropy Manager, Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA)
  • Naomi Cass, Director, Centre for Contemporary Photography
  • Amanda Hall, Private Donor
  • Sim Luttin, Gallery Manager & Curator, Arts Project Australia
  • Steven Richardson, State Manager – Victoria, Creative Partnerships Australia
  • Sue Roff, Executive Director, Arts Project Australia
  • Sarah Schmidt, Director, Hamilton Gallery
  • Antonia Syme, Director, Australian Tapestry Workshop
  • Christine Tipton, Director - Business & Operations, Gertrude Contemporary
  • Milton Harris, Private Donor



Participants and presenters at the workshop.


Lisa Hamilton, Philanthropy Manager, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia.


Arts donor Amanda Hall discusses her motivation for supporting the visual arts with Melinda Martin, PGAV Vice President & Director of Linden New Art.


Lisa Hamilton, Melinda Martin and Sue Roff discuss donor databases


Lisa Hamilton, Philanthropy Manager, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia & Annamarie Kohn, TarraWarra Museum of Art.


Workshop presenters Sim Luttin (Arts Project Australia), Melinda Martin (Linden New Art) and Antonia Syme (Australian Tapestry Workshop).


Workshop participants: Simone Nolan (Wangaratta Art Gallery), Josephine Bringinshaw (Australian Tapestry Workshop) and Kade McDonald (Bundoora Homestead Art Centre).


Workshop participants: L-R: Janine Kibblewhite (Duldig Studio), Channon Goodwin (Bus Projects), Kim Brockett (Bus Projects) and Simone Nolan (Wangaratta Art Gallery).


Bianca Bowman (Gertrude Street Projection Festival), Sue Roff (Arts Project Australia) and Sarah Schmidt (Hamilton Gallery).


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