EVENTS    New Approaches to Audience Engagement at the NGV

Public Galleries Association of Victoria


Image: L-R: NGV’s Yvette Pratt, Kate Ryan and Donna McColm share their approaches to audience engagement with members of the public gallery sector. Image courtesy of the PGAV.



EVENT: New Approaches to Audience Engagement at the NGV
27 October 2014


Audience engagement at the NGV plays a critical role in broadening access to the gallery’s exhibitions and collection, while also seeking to exceed the expectations of new and regular visitors.


Acknowledging that visitors have more choices in activities but often less available time, the NGV is approaching audience engagement from multiple perspectives – providing events for visitors to enjoy with friends and family, a place they can go outside of work hours, a place to escape, to learn or be inspired.


In this seminar, senior staff from Audience Engagement at the NGV discussed recent and upcoming programs which demonstrate the gallery’s range of approaches to encouraging high level visitation and engagement.


The seminar was followed by a peer-to-peer conversation about audience engagement – in which members of the public gallery sector shared their experiences and exchanged ideas with colleagues.


Donna McColm, Head of Audience Engagement
Yvette Pratt, Senior Public Programmer, Audience Engagement
Kate Ryan, The Trudy and Florence Williams Curator of Children’s Programs, Audience Engagement


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