EVENTS    Seminar & Industry Forum: Public Galleries and Online Collections

Public Galleries Association of Victoria


Image: Gallery directors and collection managers take part in the industry forum on with Chris McDowall from Digital NZ. Image courtesy of the PGAV.



EVENT: Seminar & Industry Forum: Public Galleries and Online Collections
 5 March 2014, 

TIME: 1pm-4:30pm


The PGAV partnered with Arts Victoria to present a special Seminar & Industry Forum exploring the issues of establishing and maintaining online collections (think “dirty data”, resourcing, as well as copyright and IP). Guest presenter for both events was Chris McDowall from DigitalNZ who has extensive experience working with small to medium galleries to increase access to their collections.


In the Seminar, Chris contextualised the growing trend for cultural organisation to make data available for access and use by the public and outline the realities for galleries wanting to open and link their online collections.


In the Industry Forum Chris led an open discussion about the key obstacles the public gallery sector face in establishing and maintaining online collections as well as opening and linking data to global audiences.


This special event was designed for Gallery Directors and Collection Managers at different stages of digitising their collections  – from those just starting out and wanting to identify and factor key issues into their planning, through to those wanting to open their online collections to global audiences.


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