EXHIBITIONS    A Ritual of Handstands

Warrnambool Art Gallery

10.08.17 to 01.12.17


Image: Larissa Mac Farlane, installation view of A Ritual of Handstands.



A Ritual of Handstands’ is an installation of paste-up handstand artworks in the WAG Window Wells of the WAG building.

The artwork is part of Mac Farlane’s ongoing investigation into her daily ritual of performing handstands. Over the past 13 years, Ma Farlane has done at least 1 handstand every day, inside and outside, in the streets and stairwells, against trees and brick walls, in the city and at the beach, often in unexpected places. These are not public performances but private moments that bring the artist grounding, pain relief and joy. They are in fact a key part of Mac Farlane’s management of her brain injury. 

Curator: Ren Gregoric


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