Horsham Regional Art Gallery

11.02.17 to 16.04.17


Image: Ronni van STEKELENBURG, Living Fossil (shield tadpole shrimp) 2016, watercolour, gouache and pen on paper, 20cm x 20cm.


Helen Dooley | Beverley Bretag | Kay Wakefield | Ronni van Stekelenburg | Barbara Collicoat | Sue Taylor | Pamela Storm | Alison Norton | Di Dale | Dorothy Gerlach | Joan Johns | Margot Hogan | Carol Bilson | Margaret Hallam | Betty Ellard | Barb Keech | Fay Hawkins | Claire McKenry | Valda Farmer | Rod Sutherland.


During a Spring visit, at a time of new growth, many of the artists explored Mount Arapiles Tooan State Park in search of what make this place iconic. In the cliffs and bushlands some sort the unique miniature world of orchids or searched in the shadowy edges of rock pools. Others took in the view from the lookouts, or focused on the geological rock formations below their feet. Revisiting the Mount also rekindled personal connection for some of the artists who explored long ago memories of the surrounding area. All of the artists set out to find what spoke to them, to find what sets this location apart in the Wimmera landscape.


This exhibition showcases our unique environment and the art it inspires. It celebrates the activity and life of two community groups, the Horsham Artists’ Society & Horsham Botanical Artists.


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