EXHIBITIONS    Badger Bates: Paaka and Rintu

Mildura Arts Centre

31.08.17 to 22.10.17


Image: Nhatji Yarilana, 1997. William Brian ‘Badger’ Bates. Mildura Arts Centre Collection.


Mildura Arts Centre Collection and a Collection of the Artist

William Brian ‘Badger’ Bates was born on the Darling River at Wilcannia in 1947. His grandmother, Granny Moysey, a revered Paakantji woman who spoke several Aboriginal languages, raised him, teaching him stories and traditional songs. This was the beginning of Badger’s journey into a complex and sophisticated knowledge system.

Badger was employed by New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife as an Aboriginal Sites Liaison Officer for more than twenty years and is now a full-time artist and cultural consultant. His work is in major public collections and he is renowned for various public art commissions he has completed, including Memories, 2016 at the Mildura Riverfront.


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