EXHIBITIONS    Bohemians in the Bush

Gippsland Art Gallery

17.06.17 to 27.08.17


Image: John Ford PATERSON, Australia 1851—1912, Untitled (Fern Gully) 1893. Oil on canvas, 76.7 x 46.5cm. Collection Latrobe Regional Gallery.


The Gippsland encountered by artists in the late nineteenth century was a wild and inhospitable frontierland.

In the age of Impressionism and the rise of a national school of art, Gippsland remained a remote and inaccessible region for most artists. Those who did make the journey were confronted by obstacles at every turn, at once impeding their pathway and providing awe-inspiring subjects for their art.

Bohemians in the Bush explores the stories and art of late nineteenth and early twentieth century Gippsland, revealing the work of many artists who are comparatively little known today.


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