Art Gallery of Ballarat

29.07.17 to 10.09.17


Image: Unknown artist (Russia), Saint George, 17th century egg tempera and gesso on linen over wood, 41.0x33.4cm.


For Orthodox Christians, there is essentially no distinction between living and dead. All people past and present, powerful and meek, consecrated and secular, are connected through their relationship to the divine, particularly in the person of Jesus Christ, the Son of God and Saviour, the One Who Was, Is and Is Yet To Be.

According to this belief, people are linked to the divinity through Deësis, a Greek term meaning supplication and intercession, and icons, portraits of the saints, are instruments of Deësis, because the faithful ask for intercession with the Higher Power through the saints they represent. Some icons even depict the ritual Deësis gesture — hands outstretched, palms open towards the image of Christ.  A common sacred grouping shows Christ flanked by the Virgin Mary and Saint John, the last prophet and Forerunner of the Lord.

This exhibition, which presents two major gifts to the Gallery of Orthodox Christian icons, is dedicated to the role of icons as agents of intercession.


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