EXHIBITIONS    Dormitorium

McClelland Sculpture Park & Gallery

05.03.17 to 09.07.17


Image: Matthew Bird, Dormitorium 2017, material vignette featuring choreographer and performance artist Phillip Adam, Photographer: Peter Bennetts.


Dormitorium is the latest interactive sculptural project by Melbourne-based architect Matthew Bird.  Acclaimed for his progressive and experimental methods, Bird draws across and unites numerous creative disciplines from architecture and interior design to installation art, photography and performance.


In the lead-up to this exhibition, Bird's research has led to an extensive exploration in the changing traditions of bedchamber aesthetics and the potential these spaces have to profoundly affect the way we rest and rejuvenate.  Bringing together these ideas, Dormitorium is presented as a communal sleep chamber and exploratory environment that encourages audiences to engage with a complexity of sensory propositions, from textures and materials to the immersive effects of moving light and sound techonlogies.


Dormitorium has been created in collaboration with Respiratory & Sleep Disorders Physician Dr Marcus McMahon from Austin Health and Professor Shantha Rajaratnam and Professor Sean Drummond from Monash University's Sleep Program, Monash Institute of Cognitive and Clinical Neurosciences. With contributions from architect and designer Caitlyn Parry, choreographer/ performance artist Phillip Adams and choreographer/ dance artist Shelley Lasica.


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