EXHIBITIONS    FOTOFILMIC '16 International juried travelling exhibition

Monash Gallery of Art

14.10.17 to 26.11.17


Kumi OGURO (Belgium/Japan)
Division  2014
chormogenic print
40 x 50 cm
Process: 6 x 6cm medium format colour negative film
4th Place Honorable Mention & ADOX Prize Winner



Presenting 30 analogue prints by film-based photographers from ten different countries, FotoFilmic’16 provides a unique overview of contemporary photography’s material practices. The exhibition frames a defining moment in film-based photography, as it reflects on its rich lineage of physical craft and recording methods within the context of today’s global digital culture.

FotoFilmic'16 attempts to bring into focus the idea that how we make photographs has significant implications for the photographer’s artistic identity and the meaning of the images they produce. Even though film-based and analogue photographic technologies have largely sat at a standstill since the 1990s, photographers have drastically changed their understanding and use of pre-digital technologies. Ultimately FotoFilmic'16 hopes to contribute to the emergence of a new world practice and vision of material photographic media in the digital age.

The FotoFilmic’16 exhibition was shown in Los Angeles and Vancouver before making its way to MGA, which will be the exhibition’s final venue. The exhibition was juried by renowned San Francisco photographer Todd Hido, Vancouver Biennale President Barrie Mowatt, SF Camerawork Director Heather Snider, Photobook Melbourne & Unless You Willmagazine founder Heidi Romano, as well as The Photographer's Gallery senior curator Karen McQuaid.

Further details about the exhibition - http://fotofilmic.com/ff16-exhibition/ 


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