EXHIBITIONS    Future Eaters

Monash University Museum of Art (MUMA)

22.07.17 to 23.09.17


Image: Magali Reus, Leaves (Park Heights, September) 2015. Milled and sprayed model board, phosphated aluminium tube, silicone rubber, pigments, powder coated, zinc plated, anodized and blackened laser cut aluminium and steel, brass, perspex. 37.5 x 49 x 10 cm. © Magali Reus, courtesy the artist and The Approach, London. Collection of Lisa and Danny Goldberg, Sydney.



Future Eaters presents a range of Australian and international artists working with sculptural practices in the technological age. It begins with a series of questions: How does the sculpture made today reflect the technological age in which we live? How have the materials and forms of sculpture evolved?

Sculpture is of our time but we can also envisage sculpture outliving us and its forms becoming speculative residues of our past. This group exhibition is constructed with the future viewer in mind: the sculptures laid out like the recovery from an archaeological dig set up for close examination and analysis.


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