EXHIBITIONS    Girt by Sea

Arts Project Australia

17.06.17 to 22.07.17


Image: Miles Howard-Wilks, Not titled, 2016, work on paper, 56 x 77 cm.


The work of Australia’s artists, both past and present, reveals much about who we are and where we’ve come from. Drawing upon their knowledge of Australian art and reflecting upon our unique and diverse culture, the Northcote Penguins’ group exhibition, Girt by Sea, references significant periods of this history and the role it has played in the development of our national and personal identities.

Girt by Sea is curated by Arts Project studio artists Michael Camakaris, Jordan Dymke, Paul Hodges, Aiden Sefo, Mark Smith, Fiona Taylor, Amani Tia, and Lachlan Turk in collaboration with Arts Project staff Suzanne Brown and Camille Hannah. 

Girt by Sea features works by Steven Ajzenberg, Fulli Andrinopoulos, Lygin Ang, George Aristovoulou, Peter Ben, Michael Camakaris, Peter Cave, James Cornelious, Robyn Doherty, Jordan Dymke, Bronwyn Hack, Paul Hodges, Ruth Howard, Miles Howard-Wilks, John Huggins, Kate Knight, Bobby Kyriakopoulos, Fiona Longhurst, Julian Martin, Kaye McDonald, Chris O’Brien, Warren O’Brien, Steven Perrette, Lisa Reid, Anthony Romagnano, Adrian Salvatore, Rebecca Scibilia, Aiden Sefo, Mark Smith, Georgia Szmerling, Fiona Taylor, Amani Tia, Michael Trasancos and Lachlan Turk.

The Northcote Penguins are a collection of eight artists who have formed a professional practice group at Arts Project Australia. The Penguins look at their own work – and the work of other Arts Project studio artists – through the lens of Australian art history, which they studied in 2016. During this selection process, four themes emerged for the exhibition that references dominant periods, key artists and cultural influences. This includes Indigenous, Colonial, Australian Impressionism, Modernism & Contemporary art.

This exhibition is proudly supported by Creative Victoria, Art Guide Australia and the City of Darebin.


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