EXHIBITIONS    Leather Poisoning: Football Possessions

Counihan Gallery

11.03.17 to 09.04.17


Image: Rennie Ellis, Carlton Supporter, VFL Grand Final 1982., C-type print, 50.8 x 40.6 cm. Courtesy Rennie Ellis Photographic Archive.



Noel Counihan | Tony Albert | Rupert Betheras | Bernadette Atkinson | Kate Daw & Stewart Russell | Gabrielle De Vietri | Rennie Ellis | Paula Hunt | Michael Leunig  | Anne McMaster | Marlene Gilson | Jim Pavlidis


Leather Poisoning: Football Possessions features works by gallery namesake Noel Counihan and a group of artists who offer critical and comic insights into ‘football culture’ or muse on the football stadium as a site of ritual, spectacle, group dynamics and politics. From historical contestation over the game’s origin and evolution to community passion versus corporate interest, Leather Poisoning also considers the light and dark sides of fandom, celebrity and media that saturate us annually.


An exhibition for fan and critic alike.


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