EXHIBITIONS    Let's Dance

Arts Project Australia

06.05.17 to 10.06.17


Image: Paul Hodges Not Titled 2007 work on paper 38 x 56 cm


Let’s dance is inspired by a number of Arts Project artists who have explored dance in its many forms, from the discipline of classical ballet to the free form of busting a move.


Curated by Charlotte Day, Director of Monash University Museum of Modern Art, Let’s dance considers dance in a myriad of ways; as both a performance on stage, or as practiced within the relative privacy of one’s bedroom; as social courtship; as part of sacred ritual and, on occasion, as a physical form of endurance or protest.


Featuring the work of Arts Project artists Peter Ben, Valerio Ciccone, Boris Cipusev, Alan Constable, Leo Cussen, Patrick Francis, Brigid Hanrahan, Paul Hodges and Daniel Pace, the exhibition also displays the work of guest artists including Angela Brennan, Cate Consandine, Sarah Contos, nova Milne and Tony Schwensen. Let’s Dance features a diverse selection of painting, sculpture and videoworks and speaks to dance’s enduring manifestations as something symbolic, physical, social and emotional.


The exhibition is kindly supported by Creative Victoria, The Limb Family Foundation and Art Guide Australia. 


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