EXHIBITIONS    Show of Hands

Manningham Art Gallery

05.04.17 to 06.05.17


Image: Tiffany Garvie, Abandoned: Self-portrait, 2015, C-type photographic print. Courtesy the artist.


A diverse collection of images from photographers Anne Brown, Diana Cousens, Sharon Crabb, Deborah Dorman, Bruce Freshwater, Tiffany Garvie, Richard Harris, Joseph Hixson, Bryce Dunkley, Allister Payne and Nicola Platt.


Initially coming together while studying photography at RMIT, the ten artists represented in Show of Hands found a common interest in exploring very personal stories and experiences through their work.


The exhibition features surreal explorations of the darker side of human nature, stories of indigenous culture and ceremony set against modern society, energetic depictions of street life and cycling, as well as sensitive portrayals of life in a convent, amongst many other engaging and inspiring images.


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