EXHIBITIONS    Stephen Mushin: Plan A / Plan B

Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery

24.02.17 to 30.04.17


Image: Stephen Mushin, Cowship 1 2013, digital drawing, c-type print, Courtesy of the artist. 


Plan A / Plan B is an exhibition of drawings, 3D printed models and back-of-napkin calculations for unorthodox, but theoretically possible plans to save the world. Stephen Mushin solves some of the challenges of the future with his weird machines and strange imaginings. Bringing together works on paper, three dimensional models and installation this exhibition re-imagines the world with a range of whimsical solutions that encourage us all to think more creatively about the way we live in the world.


Mushin ensures that every fanciful invention is scientifically possible. Whether sketching up plans for suspended milkshake-café’s powered by farting cows, or designing public amenities that compost human waste for use in urban fruit farms, or creating a floating polar bear habitat made out of recycled refridgerators, every aspect of Mushin’s designs are grounded in technical and mathematical certainty. As Mushin puts it, his work is an exercise in “logical absurdity”.

The evolving exhibition's projects involve collaborations with engineers and scientists to tackle problems, pitch ideas, attempt to explain how they could be built, and then explore what on earth would happen if the plans went ahead. The developed ideas are presented alongside ecological design workshops and talks which aim to kick-start design thinking for the rapid transformation of our cities.


The exhibition will include a cinematic sized wall where 10,000 magnets featuring 1,000 of Stephen Mushin’s objects for visitors to create their own fantastical design.


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