EXHIBITIONS    Technician's Choice

Bundoora Homestead Art Centre

03.05.17 to 06.08.17


Image: Jordan Marani, PUREEVIL 2014. Acrylic and pencil on board, 51 x 61 cm. Courtesy of the artist and Daine Singer, Melbourne.


Technician’s Choice honours the important yet often overlooked role of the technician in exhibition-making. It interrogates the role of the Curator and notions of authorship within the development of exhibitions and presentation of artists’ works. It also calls into question the nature of authority within the gallery system.

In this exhibition, technicians who are also artists will be handed over curatorial ownership to democratically determine where their works should be installed and how.

Artists include Fergus Binns, Christian Bishop, Tony Cran, Beau Emmett, Carly Fischer, Anna Higgins, Shannon Lyons, Jordan Marani, David Mutch, Mira Oosterweghel, Steven Rendall, Bryan Spier and Ross Taylor.


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