EXHIBITIONS    The Pursuit of Colour

Arts Project Australia

29.07.17 to 09.09.17


Image: Georgia Szmerling, water wall at NGV with
waves green aqua, 2017, digital work, 50 x 70 cm.


The Pursuit of Colour is a celebration of freedom in the use of colour. Showcasing digital art, this group exhibition identifies artists from the Arts Project digital program who have refined their practice through a robust investigation of this element.

Curated by Peter Douglas and Ching Yee Ng, the show includes works by Erica Berechree, Bronwyn Hack, Kate Knight, Bobby Kyriakopoulos, Adrian Lazarro, Jenny Ngo, Jodie Noble, Tim Noble, Rosie O’Brien, Anthony Romagnano and Georgia Szmerling.

For these artists, the use of colour is often integral to provoking an emotional response in an artwork and the digital realm offers access to amazing methods of manipulating, and enjoying, colour.

Many of the artists mould this malleable quality to reflect their artistic intentions, often subverting the colours in unconventional ways. The digital display also offers an altered perspective, projecting light in an additive colour space and takes on intensity difficult to achieve in the subtractive colour space which uses reflected light from pigments and dyes.

These exhibitions are proudly supported by Creative Victoria, Art Guide Australia and the Calvert Jones Foundation.

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