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Facade image: Ash Keating, Gravity System Response #1, 2015.  VAC|CoGB Facade Project, 2016/2017.


Address & Contact Details
121 View Street, Bendigo, Vic, 3550

Telephone: 03 54418724


Opening Hours
Tuesday to Friday: 10am to 5pm

Saturdays & Sundays: 12noon to 5pm


Wheelchair access to the building and amenities with wheelchair access are available.


La Trobe Art Institute
The La Trobe Art Institute (LAI) manages and promotes the cultural assets of the University, pursuing opportunities for engagement and development of the cultural economy across Victoria. The LAI will be a hub for creative innovation; a centre where students, practitioners, industry leaders and the public can engage, collaborate and participate.

The La Trobe Art Institute is an ambitious vision, an aspirational institution looking towards a redefinition of the role of the university art museum in the 21st century.

The Institute (LAI) brings together all art related activities across the University’s multiple campuses. These include contemporary exhibition spaces and the ongoing care and maintenance of the University’s extensive cultural collections of contemporary and historical artworks, social history and ethnographic objects.

International recognition for La Trobe University in growing cultural and creative discourse is a core tenet; embedding creative thinking and design-led approaches within current and future practice and throughout the University’s diverse communities.


Recent changes to LAI
Since its inception in 2013, the Institute has held responsibility for the operations of the Museum of Art (LUMA) at Glenn College, and the Visual Arts Centre (VAC) in Bendigo.

Re-branding of the activities of LUMA and the VAC to the LAI have commenced, and changes to associated collateral including on the University website and social media sites will roll out soon.

The LAI is based at 121 View Street Bendigo, originally the VAC, while maintaining a presence on other campuses through dynamic programming and collaboration.

LUMA will soon be converted to an interim storage and conservation facility, while the Institute undertakes a comprehensive significance assessment and conservation project that will ultimately quantify the cultural collections of the University.

Artworks currently on campus display may be recalled during the course of the collections project.

One of the first outcomes from the collections project will be the realisation of a major celebratory exhibition at Bendigo Art Gallery in June 2017, Revealing Identity: the Collections of La Trobe University.

For any enquiries regarding the LAI (and LUMA and the VAC) contact


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